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Assessment FAQs

Once my assessment has been scheduled, how will I be contacted?

Prior to the Day of the Assessment:
You will be contacted by email. This email will include the date, location, time and driving directions for your Assessment, as well as links for necessary pre-work. Email for questions about your pre-work.

How much time should I allow for pre-work?

Please complete your pre-work one to two business days prior to your assessment with O.E. Strategies. We recommend that you complete your pre-work in one sitting. Pre-work will take approximately 2-3 hours. The pre-work will prepare you for the interview.

How should I prepare for the assessment process?

Dress for the day is business casual. You will want to be comfortable. All supplies that you will need will be provided by O.E. Strategies. You should plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

What will the Assessment experience be like?

You will be greeted by a member of the O.E. Strategies team and receive a brief orientation to the assessment process. The process will be administered by a professional assessor and you will engage in a series of activities that will allow you to apply your job related skills and abilities, such as a job simulation exercise, interviews and computer-based ability tests. You will receive brief feedback at the end of the session summarizing overall strengths and areas of opportunity.

Who will see my results?

You will see a written report of your results if this is for development. The organization sponsoring this assessment owns all results for pre-hire assessments. O.E. Strategies can not provide results directly to you.

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