Competency Model

Competency Modeling

What is Competency Modeling?

Building key competencies, sets of skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to perform key work functions, in employees is vital to organizational success. The first step to accomplishing this is competency modeling.

Competency modeling is the process of identifying the essential skills, soft skills, behaviors, knowledge and abilities for performance in a given job or job family. These elements are then combined to create a framework of competencies that can be used to guide talent management. Development of a competency model creates a common structure, vocabulary and process for promoting and analyzing talent that can be used to effectively link talent management activities.

In fact, given the impact that competency models have on the various components of talent management, many of our projects begin with a  thorough competency modeling process.

Building a Customized Model to Fit Your Needs

O.E. Strategies provides competency modeling services to guide your organization in effective talent management. Our process is designed to provide you with a customized model that meets the unique needs of your industry and organization. Through customization, we create the opportunity for strategic differentiation among roles within the organization.

Competency models are customized by investigating what makes an employee successful on the job in your organization. In doing this, O.E. Strategies will work closely with your organization to gather the most pertinent information regarding job characteristics and associated competencies. As I-O practitioners, O.E. Strategies consultants bring a deep understanding of research methods as well as business drivers to the work we do. This means that we use research and scientific methods to carefully evaluate the most critical competencies to leveraging your unique business strategy.