Development Through Coaching

The best way to build skills in leaders is to develop accurate self-awareness followed by active learning. Developing self-awareness is a process of discovering hidden strengths as well as blind spots. Coaching allows you to take a customized approach to each leader’s development. Coaching is performed to increase self-awareness, identify areas of development, and support the practice of new skills and learning.

Phase I: Introduction

Participants will attend an Introductory Meeting with Dr. Suzanne Miklos, during which the process, expected outcomes, and roles and responsibilities will be explained. The coaching process is dependent upon establishing rapport and trust with the client.   During the introduction phase a meeting with the boss is scheduled to gain his/her input on the coaching outcomes. 

Phase II: Assessment and Action Plan

Assessment tools, 360 feedback through surveys and interviews provide data.  Specific instruments such as leadership, style or emotional intelligence instruments are selected. The coach will meet to debrief assessment results over two sessions. The assessment feedback will conclude with the participant drafting a developmental action plan that will refine priorities and set well defined goals. The developmental action plan will be used as a checklist during the coaching process. Individuals are encouraged to use peer and boss support for ongoing feedback and informal mentoring during the process.  The manager, the coach and the coachee will have a discussion about the action plan in order to ensure the goals are met. 

Phase III:  Coaching

Coaching to meet specific developmental goals will be scheduled over a twelve-month period including the introduction meeting. The first six months will involve one hour sessions, twice a month that will allow the consultant to provide coaching on specific job related tasks.

The next six months will include a one hour coaching meeting every 3 weeks for a total of eight sessions.

During the one-year coaching process two 30 minute facilitated sessions with the client will be conducted. The sessions will be scheduled to discuss the coaching steps and progress. Other key leaders will be included in discussions if needed. Phone calls can be used as needed for updates or support at any time during the process.

Phase IV:  Conclusion

Upon completion of the coaching process the coach will give a facilitated  meeting with the client and the boss to discuss coaching outcomes.