Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessment System


For when you absolutely need to know how a person is going to perform, before you hire, promote or develop them, or if you want to determine their ability to achieve high performance based on their Emotional Intelligence and job suitability, the Harrison Assessment will provide you with the most highly predictive process available. It is used worldwide for selection, promotion, retention, leadership development, communication, team building, succession planning, performance management, and increasing productivity & employee satisfaction. The Harrison Assessment clarifies and increases the effectiveness of performance measures and is often used to implement balanced scorecards


The Harrison Assessment is not a personality test. It reveals deeply rooted insights that determine essential high performance traits or those that will hinder performance related to specific positions. It reveals a person's work preferences and behavioral competencies. The Harrison Assessment pinpoints the developmental needs to achieve or increase personal satisfaction and measurable job performance. It predicts job success by determining one's mission-critical behavioral competencies and it is a decision-making and productivity assessment tool which is used to achieve bottom line objectives.

Business Results

The Harrison Assessment will accurately predict (based on validated studies) how a person is going to perform against valid performance criteria that discern high medium and low performers within your organization. It will predict:

What kind of choices a person will make in mission critical situations

  • What they pursue and/or avoid
  • How they communicate, influence & lead
  • How they handle autonomy & freedom responsibility
  • Will they take personal initiative
  • How innovative will they be when confronted with difficult challenges
  • Will they become autocratic, dogmatic, dictatorial or controlling as managers
  • Will they resist change and/or be rigid
  • Are they easily influenced, blindly optimistic, impulsive and illogical
  • Will they avoid difficult decisions
  • Are they scattered or chaotic in their approach to projects or planning
  • Will they seek to learn, grow and excel
  • What kind of recognition do they need?
  • As a leader will they provide direction and hold people accountable for results
  • How do they handle conflicts

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Harrison Assessments for Selection

HATS contains more than 250 base Job Success Formulas that help to formulate job requirements for various job functions. These Job Success Formulas now include eligibility as well as suitability. Eligibility questions are automatically generated from the Job Success Formula. These questions are answered by the applicants when they apply for the job. This comprehensive pre-screening enables this process to be an effective overall pre-screen while at the same time eliminating up to 80% of the selection workload. You can reweight the suitability traits within the templates (now called Job Success Formulas) without submitting them, because safe weighting ranges are built into the system.