Individual Assessment

Individual Assessments

Do you have the right people in the right place?

Assessments identify an individual's potential to perform successfully in your environment. Based on a comprehensive evaluation of competencies and work style, an assessment is useful in determining the fit for an individual being considered for hire, promotion or development. An added benefit of a systematic assessment is identification of an individual's potential for future roles.

Our simulation rich assessment process is professionally facilitated. Our assessments measure competencies related to effectiveness and success on the job and in particular roles within the organization. Developmental suggestions can be provided to enhance strengths and/or to overcome limitations.

Does it really matter?

Wide-scale downsizing has eliminated many positions once used to groom executives. This leaves fewer experienced leaders available to replace those retiring. This challenge is magnified by baby boomers exiting the workforce.

Building a competent, effective workforce has never been more difficult. Leaders and executives have been asked to take on roles that require an array of new and often unfamiliar management and interpersonal skills. The bottom-line is: qualified professional employees are scarce and in high demand.

Our assessments allow companies to address challenges and make good decisions:

  • Reduce hiring mistakes
  • Identify and promote the most talented people
  • Hire for the company's core competencies
  • Confirm work habits fit with the organization's culture
  • Accelerate leadership development
  • Improve succession planning and on-boarding business strategy execution

How can we help you maintain a competitive edge?

O.E. Strategies commits to knowing your company and the job under consideration, so the assessment is completely relevant to your organization. We offer analysis of organizational structure and roles. We take the time to understand your business and the participant characteristics that will drive results. Because participants can easily see the relevance of the assessment and feedback, the experience for both the individual and the organization is a positive one. Extended feedback and ongoing coaching is available.

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