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Real Leadership 360 Suite™: Improving Leadership Effectiveness Through Personalized Action Planning

Organizations need effective leadership to engage employees and ultimately drive business strategy and results. The O.E. Strategies REAL leadership development program recommends assessment, development and evaluation of progress to assist in developing leaders.

The REAL Leadership 360 Suite™ allows you to develop the leadership you need. The suite is a process that provides feedback from multiple perspectives and turns these insights into results with personalized action planning (Read more). Upon completion of 360 surveys, leaders create an action plan to guide development in targeted areas.

We partner with you to make REAL change. Easily customizable, the REAL Leadership 360 Suite™ allows you to tailor items and leadership competencies to fit within your unique business strategy. The $395 per participant cost includes:

  • Online rater selection (choose the right people to complete the survey),
  • The 360 feedback survey (sent to participant’s peers, direct reports, and manager),
  • Online individual action plans for each participant, and
  • A follow-up pulse survey to track improvement in leadership effectiveness.

The REAL Leadership Model

Leaders are not born, they are developed. The REAL Leadership 360 Suite™ is a tool designed using theoretical science to help develop and build effective leaders.


We have researched to create a model that includes critical leadership competencies that can be measured to meet your company’s needs. This model combines traditional leadership models (task versus people) with the new leadership models focused on emotional intelligence (internal versus external). The combined model results in four dimensions of leadership competence: real, resourceful, relationships and results.

The REAL leadership model encourages leaders to develop from the inside out, using information about core leadership competencies. The REAL Leadership 360 Suite™ leaders with this information, from a variety of perspectives.

Contact us today to set up an online demonstration and learn how our leadership 360 assessment and developmental action plans can improve leader effectiveness to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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